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good reputation.

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This is me.

My name is John and I work with web development & quality assurance since I was 16 years old. Patience and attention to details are my main skills, they allowed me to become the guy that will ensure your application will be released with success and without any major bug or regression. I'm good at transforming a conversation or bug report in defined steps to reach an objective; agile communication is the key to bring customer satisfaction and results.

John Torvik


The combination between functionalities and beauty; using modern tools I'll transform your ideas/drafts in interactive mockups.

Quality Assurance

Using modern tools, I'll create automated tests to ensure the quality of your releases avoiding regressions and bugs at any costs. My code is integrated with Travis, CircleCI and other major brands.

Happiness Engineer

My desire to help people and deliver the best software piece makes me the right person to help your users to master your product.


Do you have an old website? I will modernize it using latest techniques and WordPress. Transforming your good old static website in a modern CMS managed application.

My Skills.

  • Chimp
  • Github
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop
  • NodeJS
  • TDD & BDD


P.S: If you did not receive an answer in 3 days, it might be a server problem, so, send the email to:

My place.

São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo
Timezone: UTC-3:00



Operating hours.

Monday - Monday
Always working!